Temporary Vehicle Access over Reserves or Community Land for Private Works


Under the Local Government Act 1999 and City of Mitcham’s Local Government Land By-Law 2015, you are required to seek council approval to drive a vehicle on Council land other than on a road constructed and set aside for that purpose.


Permit Application

$33.60 Resident

$68.30 Commercial

A maximum of 3 consecutive days apply per application. Additional fees may apply if access is required for more days.


  • A completed application form, including a plan showing the proposed route and site plan
  • Relevant fee paid on lodgement of application.
  • Public risk insurance policy and/or building home contents insurance, insuring the permit holder for the minimum sum of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000)
  • Photograph(s) of the current condition of reserve or property to be accessed (bordering the private property).

Application form available here.

What happens once Council receives an application?

Council will inspect the proposed site to confirm viability of the proposed access including safety and traffic requirements and existing infrastructure conditions.

If the application is approved, a letter will be returned to the applicant. If access is required through a locked gate, the applicant will provide their own padlock to manage the property during the nominated period. This lock will piggyback off Council’s lock and will be removed at the end of the approved period.

If the application is not approved, Council will contact the property owner/applicant to discuss Council’s concerns.

Do you need to provide a sketch or plan with your application?

Yes. Each application requires a clear, accurate sketch or plan submitted of your proposed works as well as the access point of the reserve/community land and route to the private property.

This provides clear information for Council to assess the application and provide a quicker response.

How long prior to proposed access do you need to make the application?

Whilst Council will attempt to process your application quickly, you should apply 10 days before access required.

What if a property owner or contractor causes damage to Council land?

Any damage to the site will be repaired/reinstated to City of Mitcham standards. Should restoration not be completed within a reasonable time and/or the area is left in an unsafe condition, the City of Mitcham will reinstate the area at the permit holder’s expense.