Planning and Building Approval

Development matters and land uses are controlled by Council to ensure orderly development throughout the City and also to protect and enhance the quality of residential and business life in Mitcham.

Typically, development applications for both Planning and Building Consent are lodged with and assessed by Council. However, for specified types of development (such as large or complex developments, land divisions or applications for areas outside a council area), applications are lodged with the Development Assessment Commission.

Planning assessment is undertaken against the provisions of the Mitcham Development Plan established under the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008.

Some development can be assessed as complying development against criteria set out in Table 1 of the Development Plan (“Development Plan Complying”) or Schedule 4 of the Development Regulations (“Residential Code Complying").  This type of development does not require further assessment against the Development Plan. 

Building Rules assessment involves the technical assessment of a proposal for compliance with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant Australian Standards.

The City of Mitcham offers a streamlined approach for the assessment of development applications. By lodging your Development Application with Council for Planning Assessment, Building Assessment and Development Approval, Council is able to consider the applications concurrently, which may reduce the overall assessment time.

For further information pertaining to Development please refer to the following links:

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For further information, please call the Development Services and Community Safety Department on 8372 8888.