Find out how you can pay your rates, when to expect your rates notice, learn about our rate capping scheme, and how we use your rates to provide services to our community.

How to make a payment

You can pay your rates through our online portal. You’ll just need to enter your assessment number so we can identify your rates payment (you can find your assessment number on the top right side of your rates notice).

Pay your rates online

You can also pay your rates via:

Direct debit

Payments for council rates can be debited from your chosen bank account on the due date shown on your notice or the next banking business day if the due date is a weekend or public holiday. We are unable to debit any payments from credit card facilities. Please submit your request for at least seven days before the rates due date. To cancel your direct debit you will need to let us know in writing at least seven days prior to the next due date shown on your notice. Before you start read the Direct Debit Service Agreement.

Complete the direct debit request form

Download a printable direct debit request form

Australia Post

Take your notice to any Post Office that offers one stop bill pay.


Call us on 1300 303 201 and quote infopay number 4333. You’ll need your assessment number (on the front of the notice), the amount you need to pay, and your credit card.


You can find our Bpay biller code and reference numbers on your rates notice. Get in touch with your bank if you want to pay by cheque, savings or credit card.


If you get payments from Centrelink, you can pay your bills using Centrepay. Your rates will be taken out of your Centrelink payment before it hits your bank account. The minimum payment is $10 per fortnight.

To use Centrepay, get in touch with Centrelink on your normal payment number, register online, or get forms from us.


Make your cheque payable to: City of Mitcham and mark ‘not negotiable'. Mail your payments (with the tear-off slip attached) to City of Mitcham, PO Box 21, Mitcham Shopping Centre, Torrens Park, SA 5062.

In person

Take your rates notice to our customer service centre at City of Mitcham, 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park. You can pay by EFTPOS and credit card.

It’s important to know

  • You need to make sure our civic centre gets your payment on or before the due date to avoid fines
  • If you can’t pay your rates because you’re facing difficulty, you can get help from our rating services team on 8372 8888. They will give you some more options for payment;
  • We only take Visa and Mastercard. We don’t accept charge cards (Diners Club and American express).

When rates are due

We send your rates notice quarterly (September, December, March and June). We’ll discount your bill by 1% if you pay the full year's rates by September’s due date.

If you’d like us to email your rates notice, head here. You’ll need your eNotices reference number from your latest rates notice. You will find this number in the Go Green. Go Electronic box on the front of your notice. Don't forget the eNotices reference number is different from the assessment number used to make payments.

Read our 2022/2023 rating policy

The rate capping scheme

We’ve extended the rate capping scheme to help people who would’ve otherwise gotten a rate increase over 12.5%. We’ll automatically rebate eligible ratepayers, but if can’t find your rebate on your rates notice and you think you’re eligible, call our customer service team on 8372 8888 or email

Extension or payment plan for your rates

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your rates please contact us through our online portal to ask for an extension or payment plan for your rates.

Deferring or postponing your rates

Ratepayers who hold a Pension Card or a State Seniors Card are able to apply to defer or postpone payment of rates on their principal place of residence. To apply call our rating services team on 8372 8888.

Your rates help fund essential services

We use the money from your rates to provide services to our community like:

  • Fixing roads
  • Repairing and maintaining footpaths
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Bin and recycle pick-up
  • Maintaining our parks, gardens and buildings
  • Street lights and cleaning
  • Libraries
  • Animal control
  • Planning and enforcing local laws

We’ll use our increased rates income for:

  • Maintaining our city’s infrastructure (roads, footpaths and stormwater systems)
  • Building new footpaths
  • Improving our stormwater infrastructure
  • Delivering on our trails strategy

You can learn more about our rating process and legislation by reading the local government’s four fact sheets.

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