Planning an Event

You May Need Approval if:

  • You are organising an activity or event on Council land
  • You want to film in the area
  • You need to temporarily close a road for a street party, march, parade or other event
  • You want to run a temporary food stall

Organising an Activity or Filming on Council Land

You may need approval before organising an activity on Council land.

Council reserves are freely available for the community to use. You can bring picnic chairs and tables onto a reserve for your own use. If, however you are organising an activity or event such as a wedding or a birthday party or you wish to bring equipment onto Council land such as shade umbrellas, BBQs, etc you will need to apply for approval.

Why Do I Need Approval?

Council's By Laws identify all activities which require Council permits. The process of obtaining approval enables Council's Administration to assess the organiser's proposal and to ensure it includes a plan to identify and control all potential risks.

How Do I Obtain Approval?

Council has Special Use Licence Form and Filming Application forms to streamline the process.  Additional information required with the application may include:

  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance
  • A copy of your Risk Management Plan and Emergency Plans
  • A site map of your activities
  • A traffic management plan

All of this information needs to be provided to Council at least two months prior to the event and, in the case of a request for a temporary road closure, three months prior to the event.

Road Closures and Traffic Management

Street Parties, Marches, Parades and Other Road Events

Each year many residents and community groups hold street parties where their local road is closed temporarily for the event or party.

If you are planning to hold an event on a local road you must first seek approval from Council. To make an application, please complete the Special Use Licence Form and return to Council at least 12 weeks prior to your event.  It should be noted that a fee is payable and no application is necessarily accepted.

If the event is to be held on part of a main road you must also seek approval from Transport SA's Metropolitan Region, phone 8226 8222.

For further information or forms please contact Council on 8372 8888.

Temporary Banners and Signs for Events

Event organisers can apply to display a temporary banner or sign at one of Council's permanently designated locations across the City at:

  • corner Weemala Street and Old Belair Road, Mitcham
  • corner Shepherds Hill Road and Northcote Road, Eden Hills
  • corner Gladstone Road and Shepherds Hill Road, Blackwood
  • Watahuna Avenue, Hawthorndene
  • Goodwood Road entrance to Avenue Road, Westbourne Park

Application to Place a Banner on Council Land.

For more information call 8372 8888.

Temporary Food Stalls

Temporary Food Premises are structures set up for a specific, occasional event such as a fair or fete. These premises are considered to be a food business under the Food Safety Standards and need to comply with food safety practices for the duration of the event. Please see below information sheets for food safety and location rules.

Notification of the Event

Event organisers must notify the Council prior to an event by completing an Special Use Licence Form. Each individual food outlet also needs to provide notification. Notification forms for temporary events can be obtained here or by contacting the Environmental Health Unit on 8372 8888.

Environmental Health Officers can provide specific information for temporary events such as transporting food safely, food handling practices and appropriate storage of food.

Information Sheets for Temporary Events

Notification Forms for Temporary Events

Outdoor Events - Food Safety Tips

Hand Washing at Temporary Events

Mobile Food Premises - Information regarding new Food Safety Legislation

Mobile Food Vendors Location Rules

Mobile Food Vendors Permit Form

Sausage Sizzle -  Food Hygiene Information

Special Use Licence Form

For further information please contact the Environmental Health Unit on 8372 8888 and speak to an Environmental Health Officer.