Blackwood Community Hub

Blackwood Community Hub and Waite Street Reserve

The Blackwood Community Hub and Waite Street Reserve Activation project was endorsed as part of Council’s 2020-21 Annual Business Plan in August.

The project is contingent on external funding of $10 million along with asset sales of the existing Blackwood Library and nursery sites.

The Blackwood Community Hub has the potential to activate and connect the Blackwood community through the development of a new library, community centre and outdoor meeting space.

It will bring together Blackwood Library and Community Centre in a central location that is set to be a vibrant and inviting focal point for our community.

Waite Street Reserve, one of our highly valued regional parks, will receive a major upgrade as part of the project.

Our vision for Waite Street Reserve is to create a space that caters for all ages with strong connections to the new library and community centre.

Blackwood Community Hub Stimulating Place

An Important Project for Blackwood Village

This project is one amongst a whole series of projects that are occurring in Blackwood. The Blackwood Community Hub will integrate other Council initiatives encouraging activation, pedestrian flow, improved parking, enhanced amenities and economic opportunities for Blackwood.

Project Timeline

The City of Mitcham invited feedback from the community on initial plans in 2018.

Further feedback was sought at an Elected Member Designated Informal Gathering Blackwood Community Hub 5 May 2020.

Council invited feedback on two further plans in July 2020.

Consultation on these plans has now closed. To view the results, turn to Page 129 here.

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Blackwood Community Hub Option B

Based on community feedback, Option B has been chosen as the preferred option. Option B is available here

Option A is available here

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Blackwood Community Hub Landscape Waite Street Reserve

Waite Street Reserve is available here

Drone vistas are available here.

For further information contact Ursula Hickey on 8372 8888.

See the Blackwood Community Hub First Draft Landscape Concept Masterplan here.

See the Blackwood Community Hub First Draft Building Concept Plans below: