Blackwood Community Hub

Have Your Say on Blackwood Community Hub and Waite Street Reserve Plans

This consultation is now closed.

Thank you for providing feedback. The results will be presented at a Designated Informal gathering on 21 July 2020 followed by an information report to Council in August.

The City of Mitcham invited feedback from the community on plans for the Blackwood Community Hub and Waite Street Reserve. The plans are a progression of previous plans provided for consultation in 2018, with the latest plans taking into account community feedback.

The Community Hub is a public realm building that has the potential to deliver first class library and community centre services and resources, with the addition of Council customer services and bookable spaces for community and business.

The Waite Street Reserve plan has been developed to provide greater accessibility to the precinct, allow all ages to enjoy the reserve and what it has to offer, and to provide a cool green space for everyone.

NOTE: A decision to proceed to construction has not been made by Council. The City of Mitcham is consulting on two designs, each estimated to cost $20.2 million. The Blackwood Community Hub, which has already secured $5 million from the Federal Government, is a shovel ready stimulus project which will ensure the viability of the Blackwood Business District, saving and creating many jobs. Council has budgeted $10 million towards the hub (library, community facilities and activation of open space) and will be lobbying the State Government for additional funding. The State Government is actively funding construction projects which create jobs and drive the economy.

The completion of a community consultation process allows Council to develop plans that are the best fit for the community and ensures that Council can attract additional funding as a ‘shovel ready’ project. The decision to proceed to construction is a separate decision which Council has yet to make.

What are the plans

Council invited feedback on two versions of the Community Hub building with internal floor plans and external visual impressions. Both plans provide the same services, however to accommodate the different external facades, the internal floor plans are slightly different.

Also provided is a plan for the Waite Reserve, indicating how it is proposed to link with the Community Hub building and associated car parking. This plan is the same for both building plans.

Visual images taken by a drone at the height of the proposed rooftop level demonstrate the potential views from that level.

Feedback was sought on the following

Content Image
Blackwood Community Hub Option A

Blackwood Community Hub - Option A is available here

Content Image
Blackwood Community Hub Option B

Blackwood Community Hub - Option B is available here

Content Image
Blackwood Community Hub Landscape Waite Street Reserve

Waite Street Reserve is available here

Drone vistas are available here

How to provide feedback

The community was invited to comment on the proposal by completing an online survey below by 5pm Wednesday 8 July 2020.

This consultation is now closed.

All feedback must include your name and address and be submitted by 5pm Wednesday 8 July 2020 to ensure its inclusion in the consultation process. Please note that submissions may be accessible under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

Questions can be directed to and every effort will be made to ensure a response is provided.

Previous Community Consultations

Community consultation for a library, community centre and Waite Street Reserve began in 2018.

Further feedback was sought at an Elected Member Designated Informal Gathering Blackwood Community Hub 5 May 2020.

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Building Concept Plans(13245 kb)

Following community consultation, Council will review feedback and complete the Blackwood Community Hub concept plans. Council will then meet to endorse the concept plans, seek costings and use the concepts to attract grants and secure investment in the project. Council will continue to provide regular updates to the community.

For further information contact Ursula Hickey on 8372 8888.

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Landscape Concept Masterplan

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Landscape Concept Masterpla

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Building Concept Plans

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Plans Ground Floor

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Plans First Floor

Blackwood Community Hub Draft Plans Roof Top Floo

An Important Project for Blackwood Village

This project is one amongst a whole series of projects that are occurring in Blackwood. The Blackwood Community Hub will integrate other Council initiatives encouraging activation, pedestrian flow, improved parking, enhanced amenities and economic opportunities for Blackwood.

Blackwood Community Hub Vision

The hub will bring together Blackwood Library and Blackwood Community Centre on to the site of the existing Blackwood Community Centre next to the Blackwood Green Playground and Waite Street Reserve at 4 Young Street.

Centrally located in the heart of Blackwood, the community hub will be a vibrant and inviting focal point for our community.

Waite Street Reserve, one of our highly valued regional parks, will receive a major upgrade as part of the project. Our vision for Waite Street Reserve is to create quality passive and active recreational spaces catering for all ages and with strong connections to our new library and community centre.

The Blackwood Community Hub will be an exciting multi-purpose facility that fosters community interaction and learning.

Blackwood Community Hub Stimulating Place