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The City of Mitcham is prone to flooding in some areas from Brownhill and Minno Creeks.

The Brownhill Creek begins near Eagle on the Hill and Crafers and flows westwards towards the Patawalonga before heading out to sea.

The Minno Creek begins in Belair National Park and flows southwards towards Sturt River in Coromandel Valley.

During heavy rains the runoff from the rural land above the urban area contributes significantly to the flood water levels in the Brownhill and Minno Creeks.

As the water flows into the urban area flood levels may be greater than the capacity of these creeks. All areas that are near a water course or are low lying are at risk of being flooded.

Debris blocking creeks and drains obstruct the water flow increasing the risk of flooding. Water in the flooded creeks can travel as fast as 6 metres per  second in large volumes with flood waters reaching heights of more than 2.5 metres.

If your property is near a watercourse or is low-lying, it could be flooded, even if you have never seen floodwaters there before.

Emergency Assistance During a Flood

For emergency assistance during a flooding event call the State Emergency Service on 132 500 (24 hours).

Be prepared for a flood. Keep your family safe by following some simple steps to plan and prepare for floods.

Keep creeks clear of debris.

A large proportion of Mitcham’s creeks are privately owned. If you are the owner of a section of a creek, please ensure it is free from debris to assist with preventing your property from being flooded. Remember never enter a creek when it is in flood. If you see debris blocking a public section of a creek (most commonly in reserves and parks), please call the City of Mitcham so that it can be removed. Debris includes large, fallen branches, excessive amounts of leaves and trees growing into or across creek lines.

Keep drains free of debris.

If you see debris blocking a street drain please call the City of Mitcham so that it can be removed.

Sweep up fallen street tree leaves.

The City of Mitcham encourages residents to become involved in their extensive street sweeping program by sweeping up fallen street tree leaves and contacting the City of Mitcham to arrange to have them collected.

Set up a community working bee.

Contact your neighbours and arrange a working bee to work together to clear the creeks, drains and leaves and become informed about factors that affect flooding in your neighbourhood.

To ensure the safety of road users the Council or SES will close the ford at Winns Road in Coromandel Valley when Minno Creek overflows across the ford.

The City of Mitcham can supply residents with empty sandbags that can be filled with sand or soil.

  • Keep the sand bags empty and dry until you need to use them.
  • Regularly renew sandbags as hessian can quickly rot.

If you would like to collect sandbags please phone 8372 8888.

Brown Hill and  Keswick Creeks are important drainage watercourses in metropolitan Adelaide. The creeks have a history of flooding and a low standard of flood protection, and therefore a relatively high flood risk.