Lot 101 Port Lincoln Boulevard Pasadena

Lot 101 Port Lincoln Boulevard, Pasadena was used as a landfill from the late 1950s to approximately 1969. The City of Mitcham was involved in land fill operations at this site from 1959 to 1962..

The City of Mitcham is committed to undertaking environmental investigations including testing to understand the potential extent of any land contamination to ensure the safety of the local community.

Leading environmental consultants have been engaged to undertake independent testing.

The City of Mitcham is committed to ongoing communication with the local community about the project including the nature of the testing and the timeframe over which the testing will occur.

In December Council began contacting residents adjacent Lot 101 Port Lincoln Boulevard, Pasadena to discuss the details of the testing and answer any questions.

Regular updates will be provided to the local community and on our website. Key members of the project team are available to answer questions. You can contact us via phone:

  • John Valentine, Senior Property & Facilities Advisor on 0412 469 855
  • Matthew Romaine, Group Manager on 0429 218 708