Skitch Reserve Harvesting Stormwater

Skitch Reserve, on the corner of Winston Avenue and Rowell Road Melrose Park, is a popular pocket park that is enjoyed by locals for its greenery and for a coffee or lunch stop at its picnic tables after visiting the nearby shops.

This pocket reserve recently lost several trees as a result of drought and water restrictions. New trees including Crepe myrtles and three ornamental pears have been planted to provide shade and transform the park into a beautiful green shady place to visit.

To keep the reserve green and help the new trees to flourish a stormwater harvesting system has been installed. Approximately 60 metres of gravel filled trench soaks stormwater collected from Winston Avenue into the reserve’s subsoil to provide water for the new trees throughout the summer. Adding water to the reserve from the street will increase Skitch Reserve’s rainfall to what is received in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills.

This new stromwater harvesting system will ensure the trees will grow strong and the flowering of the crepe myrtles will be spectacular.

The reserve’s turf has been top-dressed and over sown with grass seed just in time for spring growth to bring the reserve back to its former glory. New picnic settings and paved path from the southern gate (by the shops) to the picnic tables have also been installed.