Council has several different methods for managing stormwater. Our annual program includes works on kerb and watertable, pits and underground pipes, and Smart Water management projects.

These works aim to minimise flooding, erosion, ponding and directs stormwater further down the system. They are often prior to, or in conjunction, with large scale roadworks.

Smart Water management minimises the impact of urbanisation and increased run off on the stormwater system using natural elements rather than traditional pits and pipes. These methods are also designed to improve the aesthetic and recreational appeal of the streetscape.

What works we do

Kerb and Watertable construction

To manage the flow of stormwater most roads contain a kerb and watertable (often referred to as gutter). This needs to be kept in good condition to protect the road from water and keep stormwater flowing.

This involves removing existing concrete kerb and watertable, improving base conditions, and re-laying new concrete kerbing.

Underground pipe and pit upgrades

Due to increased urbanisation and impervious surfaces storm water systems are being upgraded to cope with increased run-off. One solution is to upgrade our existing pipe network, or install new where required. Generally our stormwater pipes are located under the road, and as a result require substantial excavation. This is a last resort method due to its impact and cost.

Smart Water management projects

By diverting stormwater into swales and rain gardens for infiltration we can better direct water runoff, improve water quality and keep Mitcham greener for longer.

Treenet inlets are also being installed to provide water for the benefit of local street trees.

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How will you know if works are planned?

Residents directly affected by the works will receive a letter with a description of the works proposed. Just prior to the works beginning residents will receive a second letter to let you know the work is about to commence with contact details.

How do we keep the community safe?

When construction works are occurring your street is a worksite and everyone's safety is important so please take care and listen to construction crews - they are approachable and willing to help if you need. Alternatively, please contact the site contact in your notification letter.

Speed restrictions will be in place during works and the road may be closed during works, however local resident access will likely be maintained.

Kerb and Watertable improvements

  • Access to properties may be limited for short periods of time, including during driveway works.
  • Generally works are confined between 7 am and  6 pm Monday to Saturday.

Underground pipe and pit upgrades

  • The road may be closed during works.
  • Access to properties will be limited for short periods of time, during works hours.
  • Generally works are confined between 7 am and 6 pm Monday to Saturday.

Smart Water management projects

  • Generally these projects involve minimal impact. They are usually located within the road verge or reserves.

To minimise impacts we consider: holidays; weather; fire danger season; and highly trafficked areas. Our time lines may change due to unforeseen circumstances, this makes it difficult to notify residents earlier.

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Stormwater Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I would like to widen my driveway or install a new stormwater outlet from my house to the road, how can I do these works at the same time as the construction?

A:  There is an application form for residents to apply to change their driveway or stormwater on Council land. Further information can be found here Works on Public Road

Q:  After kerb construction has occurred can I plant vegetation in the Council verge?

A:  There is an application form for residents to apply to plant vegetation on Council’s verge. Further information can be found here Works on Public Road.

Q:  There are a lot of paint marks on the road and verge in my street, what are they?

A:  Before construction starts the extent of works may be marked on site by the construction crew or a surveyor. Also prior to excavation Council and its contractors may locate and mark on the ground any underground services to ensure clearance from them when excavating.

Construction Feedback

If you have recently had works completed in your street, we would love to hear from you, please complete an online survey here.