Four Year Delivery Plan

Four Year Delivery Plan

The Four Year Delivery Plan is Council’s plan for action over the next four years. It responds to Council’s aspirational strategic management plan, Mitcham 2030, by identifying where Council will invest additional effort to achieve its long term vision and goals.

The Four Year Delivery Plan provides:

  • 5 Priority Themes – key areas that Council will focus additional effort and/or investment for a four year period, typically through new services and projects. Council will continue to deliver against all 12 themes of Mitcham 2030 through its existing services.
  • 11 Priority Investments – New services and projects for the next four years. These investments are typically aligned to the Priority Themes to enable Council to make a significant positive contribution. They are additional to existing services, which are already delivered across all 12 themes.
  • 34 Community Insights – High level indicators to track Council’s progress towards achieving its vision. The indicators will form a community survey, to be undertaken periodically. These indicators will be supported by other data sources as necessary.

Download the Four Year Delivery Plan.

Council endorsed the Four Year Delivery Plan at its meeting on 27 October 2020, following community feedback in late 2019 and mid-2020.

Mitcham 2030 and the Four Delivery Plan form Council’s suite of strategic management plans.