Food Safety Information

The City of Mitcham has over 400 food premises including restaurants, hospitals, child care centres, bakeries, sporting clubs, takeaways, school canteens, service stations and more. Council's Environmental Health Officers are responsible for ensuring these businesses handle food safely by:

  • Routine inspections of food premises. An Environmental Health Officer will generally inspect a premises every 6 to 12 months based on a risk assessment and business performance.
  • Responding to customer complaints of poor food handling practices, contaminated food etc.
  • Investigating food poisoning complaints.
  • Educating by means of information sessions or presentations and food safety fact sheets and newsletters.
  • Providing advice and inspect temporary/outdoor events such as community fairs, school fetes and fundraising events.
  • Conducting Food Safety Training for staff working in food businesses located in the City of Mitcham.

Food Safety Legislation

Food Safety Legislation is designed to improve community health, increase community confidence and awareness of food safety, and ensure South Australia meets national standards. The following legislation applies to most food businesses in South Australia:

  • The Food Act 2001
  • Food Regulations 2002
  • Food Safety Standards

The three Food Safety Standards used Australia wide set down the rules of how food must be handled and how premises and equipment must be appropriate for maintaining food safety. These are:

  • Standard 3.1.1 - Interpretation and Application
  • Standard 3.2.2 - Food Safety Practices and General Requirements
  • Standard 3.2.3 - Premises and Equipment

For copies of the food legislation, industry specific fact sheets, food safety bulletins and education material visit the Department of Health website.

Food safety inspections carried out by Environmental Health Officers incur a legislated fee under Regulation 11 of the Food Regulations 2002. Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges for further information. Please note that Council does not charge for follow-up or complaint food safety inspections.

Do You Own or Run a Food Business? Have You Notified Us?

The new Food Legislation requires all food businesses to notify their Local Council of various business and contact details. Notification is needed to make sure we know where food businesses are, how to contact them for inspection purposes and to provide guidance on food safety issues within their business. Notification is easy. It's simply just filling in the appropriate form and sending it back to us! There is no charge for this process and you need only do it once unless your details change.

Download the PDF Food Business Notification Form

Submit the online Food Business Notification Form

Food Safety Factsheets

A collection of information sheets relevant to food business are available. The fact sheets include:

Fitting out your Food Premises
Handwash Basins in Food Premises
2 Hour 4 hour Guide Explained
Outdoor Events - Food Safety Tips
Sausage Sizzle - Food Hygiene and Safety
Mobile Food Premises - Information regarding the New Food Safety Legislation
Bed and Breakfast - Information regarding the New Food Safety Legislation
Home Based Business Checklist
Temperature Control and Thermometers

For copies of the food legislation, industry specific fact sheets, food safety bulletins and education material visit the Department of Health website.

For information on keeping your food safe, visit the SA Health website.

Food Safety Programs

Food businesses that serve potentially hazardous foods to vulnerable populations are required to comply with Food Safety Standard 3.3.1 and implement a Food Safety Program. This Standard applies to hospitals, aged care facilities, child care centres and delivered meals organisations.

The Department of Health has developed food safety program templates for hospitals, aged care and child care to assist businesses to establish their own food safety program.

* Food Safety Program Template – Hospitals
* Food Safety Program Template – Aged Care Facilities
* Food Safety Program Templates – Child Care Centres

The City of Mitcham offers auditing services to businesses located within the City of Mitcham area. To arrange for an audit for your business, please contact the Environmental Health Division on 8372 8888. Food safety audits are conducted every six months, however they may be extended to 12 months or reduced to three months depending on the audit outcomes.

For further information on Food Safety Programs, please refer to the links below or contact the Environmental Health Division on 8372 8888.

Food Safety Training

The City of Mitcham provides free food safety training courses for food businesses within the City.

Did you know  it is a requirement of the Food Safety Standards that food handlers have adequate skills and knowledge?  Come along to a free session and you will increase your skills and knowledge and improve food safety practices in your business.

You will receive a food safety certificate of attendance that you can display at your business to let your customers know you have undertaken food safety training.

Scheduled Training Courses for 2020

Training sessions for 2020 have been finalised and can be found below:

Thursday 3 December 2020, 5.30pm to 7.45pm

Sessions are held at the City of Mitcham in the Mayors Parlour located at 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park. During the session you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the City of Mitcham’s Environmental Health Officers.

Sessions are known to book out early so contact the City of Mitcham today on 8372 8816 to book your place for one of the free 2020 food safety training sessions.

Food Safety Rating Scheme

The Food Safety Rating Scheme provides information about the food safety of local businesses through a star rating to allow residents to make informed choices about where they decide to purchase food.

Food business are rated based on their compliance with food safety laws to help customers choose where to buy food. The star rating is calculated using the results of routine inspections undertaken by Mitcham Council’s Environmental Health Officers who have undergone specific training.

In South Australia the scheme is voluntary and a participating business will display a certificate in the store.

Businesses are awarded a rating of up to five stars on a certificate.

5 stars - Excellent
4 stars - Very Good
3 stars - Good

Businesses that do not meet food laws in important areas or many minor areas are not awarded a certificate.

Not all food businesses are part of the scheme. Businesses that may take part include those who sell food that is normally consumed at the time of purchase or soon after, such as:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • take-aways
  • bakeries selling ready-to-eat processed food, such as hot pies.

For more information call 8372 8816 or visit SA Health’s website