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EV Charging Stations

***  Please note: one of the two charging stations at Blackwood is temporarily out of order. A request to repair has been submitted and is expected to be completed by the end of September. Thank you for your patience.****

The City of Mitcham has installed six charging stations to cater for residents who drive electric vehicles (EVs).

Two bollards with four 3.6kw stations have been installed at the public car parks at Council’s Civic Centre, Torrens Park.

One bollard with two 7.2kw charging stations is now available at the public car park at Gladstone Street, Blackwood.

Each charging station has dedicated car parks and is compatible with every electric vehicle on the market in Australia.

Search for your closest EV charging station below.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any faults or issues, please contact Council via email at or call 8372 8888, call the EVUp helpline on 1300 388 700 or visit the Plugshare website

No, the charging station is free to use at this stage and there is no requirement for either an app or swipe card.

EV drivers will need to provide their own:

  • Type 2 charging cable
  • If required, a Type 2 plug for non-Type 2 charging cables

Park your car in the allocated car parking bay and plug in your cable. If you don’t have a Type 2 charging cable, use a Type 2 adaptor.

Charging time varies depending on type of electric vehicle you have, battery size and how full the battery is. As a guide a standard electric car (70kWh battery) requires 10 hours to fully charge from empty-to-full using a 7kW charging point.

Yes. There is a two hour parking  limit as sign posted at each location.

This is due to current energy supply differences between Mitcham and Blackwood, something which Council may investigate resolving in the future.

Yes. Council currently has four electric pool vehicles located at the Civic Centre and the Melrose Park Depot. Two of these vehicles may at times use EV charging stations at the Civic Centre when they need to be charged.

The roll-out of EV charging stations is part of Council's broader climate change program that responds to Council’s declaration of a climate emergency. Automotive transport represented 21% of City of Mitcham community's greenhouse gas emission profile in 2018/19 (Source: Snapshot). It is hoped that the charging stations will help encourage the community to embrace electric vehicle technology and accelerate City of Mitcham’s transition away from fossil fuels.

  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced energy security.
  • Less noise
  • Reduced air pollution (with associated health benefits)
  • An improved driving experience.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions can be eliminated if EVs are charged using renewable energy, noting the South Australian grid is currently 60% renewable and has been flagged to become 100% renewable by the end of the century, if not sooner.