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In December 2005 Council endorsed the City of Mitcham's Mountain Bike Strategy and its implementation. 

The Mountain Bike Strategy's was developed because of a strong desire from the community for legitimate mountain bike riding opportunities in the area. Council developed a strategy that incorporates walking, horse riding and mountain bike riding. All proposed trail developments in the City of Mitcham are intended to protect remnant vegetation and provide sustainable unstructured recreation for the community, and a variety of different user groups. 

Due to Mitcham's urban setting and population density, the social and environmental impacts of horse riding, walking and mountain bike riding will always be greater than in more remote areas. In many cases the motivations of mountain bike riders, walkers and horse-riders are very similar. Meetings off these different user groups can be a positive experience and, to support the trail plan, Council will continue to engage and educate the users of reserves and the community about the trail network.

Lynton Reserve Trails 

Tunnel X Over Shared Use Trail

  XC group ride

Council has a number of trails open in the Lynton Reserve and Windy Point area (part of Zone 2 Trail Plan). The following signposted trails are open for recreational use by the community:

  • Lynton Green Link (bike and walk)
  • Lynton Connector (bike and walk)
  • Sleeps 3 (bike and walk)
  • Tunnel X Over (bike and walk)
  • Lynton/Belair Urban Trail (bike, walk and horse)
  • Sleeps 1 (bike only)
  • Windy Right and Left DH (bike only)
  • Lynton 4X Track (bike only)
  • Quarry Loop  XC  (bike only)
  • Tramway Loop XC (bike only)
  • Sleeps Hill Walk (walk only)
  • Mead Street Walk (walk only)
  • Seaview Loop Walk (walk only)

Council is continuing to develop trails for walking and riding through the Mitcham hills while minimising environmental and social impacts upon the reserves and nearby residents. Further trail development is planned for the Blackwood Hill Reserve, O’Deas Reserve and Saddle Hill Reserve.

Lynton Map ZONE 2 pdf(3086 kb)

Windy Point Connector Bike Only Downhill Trail

DH Rider

Responsible Trail Use

Trail riding, walking and horse riding are permitted only in approved and open trails in reserves.

Please be patient and continue to support Council's Trail Strategy, by being responsible and use only the designated (approved and open) trails and following the Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions of Use detailed on Council's website and on trail head signs.

Members of the community, trails users and residents are encouraged to contact Council on 8372 8888 or email if they experience:

  • Dangerous obstacles or degraded trails.
  • Antisocial Behaviour.
  • Maintenance needs.
  • Vandalism.

Trails Under Development

The areas of O'Dea's Reserve are under development and are not available for riding.

The former TransAdelaide land encompassing the old Railway Tunnels and the 'track' in between them in O'Dea's Reserve has been sold to a private owner.

Council has developed a plan for trails within the O'Dea's Reserve, however final details of the location of the trails crossing over the former Railway Tunnels easement are still being finalised.

You can still access O'Dea's Reserve via Riviera Court however not from Tapson Crescent. Council is working towards securing community access to O'Deas Reserve from the western side.

Community Trail Volunteers

The City of Mitcham has a fantastic group of dedicated community volunteers maintaining and improving the Mitcham Trail Network. There are ten Saturday session per year where volunteers carry out a variety of trail maintenance task that makes a significant contribution to the quality of the network.

Volunteers at work

Some trail maintenance tasks are:

  • Brush cutting.
  • Clearing trail corridor of vegetation.
  • Cleaning out drainage (grade reversals).
  • Applying aggregate to armor tread surface.
  • De berming trail edge.
  • Installing stone work features / trail armoring.
  • Installing rolling grade dips and knicks.
  • Installing trail features like jumps, drops and berms.

Berm Corner

Council has previously hosted a variety of volunteer groups likes National Green Jobs, Green Corp and there are many established Bush for Life Sites tendered to by Bush for Life Volunteers in Council bushland reserves. These  community volunteers undertake a variety of conservation and land management work and learn some great trail maintenance techniques.

Conservation Volunteers 

Some conservation land management tasks the crews undertake are:

  • Weed Management.
  • Drill and fill herbicide application / olives.
  • hand pulling broom, bone seed and cotton bush.
  • pruning and thinning /olive seed removal.

Council will continue to pursue opportunities to host volunteers, school groups, students in training and established programs like Bush For Life. This is regarded as an important aspect for community education and engagment about sustainable recreation in Council's diverse bushland reserves.

For information about volunteering for Council or Trees for Life, please contact 8372 8888 or email 

Trail Difficulty Rating System

Based on the condition of terrain, gradient and obstacles and condition of use as recommended by the International Mountain Bike Association - IMBA. 


Trail Difficulty Rating System

 Many of Councils trails are shared use for multiple user groups. Please familiarise yourself with the trail classifications and the degree of difficulty you can expect on the Councils trail network.

 Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

 Green Dot

Green - Easy (Easier)

Suitable for children, families, novices, social groups and others seeking a relatively short distance trail, requiring a basic level of skill and fitness.

 Blue Square

Blue - Intermediate (More Difficult)

Suitable for individuals and social groups seeking a short to medium distance trail, requiring a moderate level of skill and fitness.

 Black Diamond

Black Diamond - Bikes Only Advanced (Very Difficult)

Suitable for individuals and social groups seeking a very challenging trail, requiring a high level of skill, fitness and endurance. Suspension bikes, body armour and full face helmets recommended on DH trails.

 Black Diamonds

Double Black Diamond - Bikes Only Extreme (Extremely Difficult)

Trails suitable for experienced riders who want an experience that is extreme in its nature. Usually constructed with race style in mind. Full suspension bikes, body armour and full face helmets are HIGHLY recommended.

 Red Oval

Red Circle- Walking Only (No Bikes)

Walkers can expect natural surface trails and obstacles, with constructed steps in some areas. These trails have rough surfaces and are suitable for bushwalking and hiking only. A good level of fitness is required and sturdy footwear is highly recommended for walking these trails. (Walking only trails are built and maintained to Australian Standards of a Class 4 Hike)

 Code of Practice

Plan your ride or walk.

  • Obey "Walking Only" and "Bike Only" signs.
  • Ride or Walk only on formed trails.
  • Do not take short cuts or form new trails.
  • Share the trail - bikes must give way to walkers.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Avoid riding in wet, muddy conditions.
  • Tread / Ride lightly and leave no trace or rubbish.
  • Control your bike and walk, run, ride within your limits.
  • Do not disturb plants and animals.
  • Clean your bike and/or shoes, don't spread weeds or plant diseases.
  • Tell other people about this code.
  • Report hazards and other issues to the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • No entry to Reserve on Total Fire Ban Days, SEVERE, EXTREME, CATASTROPHIC call the CFS hotline for confirmation 1300 362 361.
  • Cyclists and other users of these trails do so at their own risk.
  • This trail network is only open to the public in daylight hours.
  • Recreational trail use of the City of Mitcham Reserves is a privilege, not a right and trail users must respect the local residents, fellow trail users and the trail network facilities.
  • Obey all signs. Follow the recommendations and guidelines of all trail network signage regarding trail use and direction of use.
  • Bikes must give way to walkers on shared use trails.
  • Take caution as management vehicles will use access tracks to conduct various tasks.
  • Trail users must adhere to the "Code of Practice".
  • Cyclists are responsible for the condition and quality of their bicycles. Only well maintained, off road bicycles are to be used on designated mountain bike trails.
  • Modifying existing trail or building new trails without authorisation is not permitted.
  • Walking or riding off trails, is not permitted.


All trail users do so at their own risk. Mountain bike riding, horse riding and bush walking involve risks and should be undertaken with care and regard for the riding and walking conditions at all times. The trails are subject to natural forces, varying weather and trail conditions. The track surface and obstacles may vary over time and may make trail use more challenging. 

For horse riding an approved helmet to Australian Standards (AS  NZS 3838:2006) is mandatory. For cyclists, a helmet approved to Australian Standards (AS 2063) is mandatory and protective equipment including gloves and glasses are highly recommended when riding Black diamond and double black diamond trails. Black diamond and double black diamond trails are designed for suspension bikes and full face helmets and body armour are recommended. Access tracks (fire tracks) are regular used by reserve management vehicles and caution is required at all times while using these tracks

Dh rider 2


Emergency: Dial 000

City of Mitcham: 8372 8888

Out of Hours Service: 8366 0622

CFS: 1300 362 361

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