Community Wellbeing

The City of Mitcham's Community Wellbeing team offers a range of services to facilitate the ongoing wellbeing and independence of older and vulnerable people so that they can continue to live in their homes and participate actively in the community for as long as possible.

Tailored services can be arranged and delivered by a team of professional coordinators, staff, trained volunteers or Council approved contractors. Keeping up with activities in and around the home, as well as in the community, contributes to optimum health and wellbeing. The services offered by the City of Mitcham have this focus and include:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Home Modifications
  • Home and Garden Maintenance
  • Social Support Programs
  • Transport Services

For further information regarding the domestic assistance, home modifications and home and garden maintenance services offered by the City of Mitcham please click here.

For further information regarding our social support programs and transport services, please click here.

To view the Schedule of Fees Summary for all Community Wellbeing services, please click here

We value our residents' right to confidentiality and privacy. Please see our privacy statement for a summary of how we collect, use, exchange and store personal information.

Services During COVID-19

Some of Community Wellbeing services have been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, some have continued on or have been modified to meet changing requirements.

Those that have not changed throughout the COVID-19 period include:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Modifications

Those services that continue with modifications to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions include:

  • Personal Transport – for those CHSP or SA HACC clients with no family or other supports to assist them, limited 1:1 personal transport is occurring in the People Mover for essential medical appointments or shopping
  • 1:1 social support via weekly friendly phone calls
  • Contact with Social Group participants via phone calls, activity kits, puzzles and quizzes
  • Weekly Social Knitting Groups are meeting for 2 hours at Blackwood (Monday) and Cumberland Park Community Centre (Tuesday)
  • Men’s Lunch Group members are independently meeting at a local venue to share lunch until such time as it is safe to recommence bus outings
  • Nutritious cooked meals are being home delivered for CHSP or SA HACC funded clients

Community Wellbeing services that remain suspended include:

  • Community Lunches and Social Groups run from the Cumberland Park Community Centre and Blackwood Community Centre
  • Community Bus services to both Library and shopping centres
  • ‘Out ‘n’ About’ bus outings

These services, current as of 22 July 2020, are subject to the changing conditions and restrictions of the pandemic. We continue to communicate with and keep our clients up to date.

If you have questions or concerns regarding services or your volunteer role, please contact Community Wellbeing Coordinators Deb or Dennis, or talk to Sonja in the Community Wellbeing Team on 8372 8884.

Please go to the 'Our Services' page for information on all of City of Mitcham's services.

Do You Have a Concern?

Community Wellbeing does our best to provide quality services to our residents, but issues can occur. Making a complaint or giving us your feedback is not ‘being difficult.' Complaints are important as they help us improve the quality of services we provide to you or your loved one.

If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to raise any concern with our staff first as this is often the best way to quickly resolve your complaint. We have a complaints system in place and staff who are dedicated to resolving issues with respect and care.

If this doesn’t work or you don’t feel comfortable, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission can support you to resolve your complaint. They provide a free service for anyone to raise a concern about the quality of care or services provided to people receiving Australian Government funded aged care. Visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to learn more about how to lodge a complaint or give feedback about a service.

Responding to High Risk Vulnerable People

The Southern Services Reform Group have created a resource guide to assist in responding to high risk vulnerable people. The guide (adapted from the Eastern Collaborative Project Resource Guide) also provides contact details for emergency services and relevant service providers. Click here to view the guide.

Community Wellbeing services are jointly funded by the Department of Health as part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program, Department of Human Services as part of the SA Home and Community Care Program and the City of Mitcham.

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