Mitcham's Shared Use Trails

Mitcham's Shared Use Trail Network

The City of Mitcham has approximately 40 kilometres of off road trail for cycling and walking. Four trail zones across the district provide a range of walking and mountain bike riding challenges and areas to explore. There is a variety of terrain, which includes some steeper gullies, quarries areas and stunning views of the ocean and surrounding hills. There is a trail for everyone’s skill level and remember, your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

Community Trail Volunteers

The City of Mitcham has a fantastic group of dedicated community volunteers maintaining and improving the Mitcham Trail Network. There are ten Saturday session per year where volunteers carry out a variety of trail maintenance task that makes a significant contribution to the quality of the network. Get involved here.

City of Mitcham Trails Zone Map

Zone 1 Randell Park Trails

Randell Park and Anderson Reserve are located to the west of Old Belair Road and north of Sheoak Road in Belair. The area is approximately 46.78 hectares of bushland that has previously been used for mining and grazing, and is now managed by Council. The reserve has pockets of remnant vegetation, former quarries, varying degrees of weed invasion and informal walking trails.

Brownies Downhill Trail will be Closed

Please note Brownies downhill trail starting on Old Belair and finishing in Brownhill Creek is not a Council Trail. The trail is on private property and the landowner is beginning a process to close and rehabilitate this area. If you ride this trail, you are trespassing so please stay on the managed signposted trails.

Belair Trails Walking Group

For a copy of the trail map, click here Randell Park Trail Map(7940 kb)

Randell Park Trail Map

Zone 2 Lynton Reserve Trails

Zone 2 Lynton Reserve, Sleeps Hill Reserve and Lynton Depot Reserve feature a combination of vehicle tracks and meandering single trail, allowing visitors to observe city views, the Grey Box grassy woodlands and impressive quarry faces. The physical characteristics and the conservation values of this reserve have influenced the trail network design.

For a copy of the trail map, click here Lynton Reserve Trails - Windy Point Zone 2(2885 kb)

Lynton Zone 2 Map April 2016

Zone 3 Ashby, Saddle Hill and O'Deas Reserve Trails

Zone 3 Trails are located in Ashby, Saddle Hill and O’Deas reserves at the foothills of Mitcham in the suburbs of Panorama, Pasadena and Belair.

The combined area is approximately 76.25 hectares and the reserves have pockets of remnant vegetation.

The Zone 3 trails link to Lynton Reserve and into Shepherds Hill Recreation Park (Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources).

For your copy of the trail map click here O'Deas, Saddle Hill and Ashby Reserve Trail Brochure(738 kb)

Zone 3 Trail Trail Map

Zone 4 Blackwood Hill Reserve Trails

Zone 4 Trails are located in Blackwood Hill and Mountbatten Reserves in the suburbs of Bellevue Heights and Blackwood. The combined grey box grassy woodlands area is approximately 63.3 hectares of open space and forms a valuable link to the Sturt Gorge Reserve and Craigburn Farm Trail Network.

For your copy of the trail map here Blackwood Hill Reserve Trails Brochure(755 kb)

Blackwood Hill Reserve Trails Map

Trail Difficulty Rating System

Many of Councils trails are shed use for multiple user groups. Please familiarise yourself with the trail classifications and the degree of difficulty you can expect on the Councils trail network.

Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

Trail Difficulty Rating System smaller

Code of Practice

Plan your ride or walk.

  • Obey "Walking Only" and "Bike Only" signs.
  • Ride or Walk only on formed trails.
  • Do not take short cuts or form new trails.
  • Share the trail - bikes must give way to walkers.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Avoid riding in wet, muddy conditions.
  • Tread / Ride lightly and leave no trace or rubbish.
  • Control your bike and walk, run, ride within your limits.
  • Do not disturb plants and animals.
  • Clean your bike and/or shoes, don't spread weeds or plant diseases.
  • Tell other people about this code.
  • Report hazards and other issues to the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • No entry to Reserve on Total Fire Ban Days, SEVERE, EXTREME, CATASTROPHIC call the CFS hotline for confirmation 1300 362 361.
  • Cyclists and other users of these trails do so at their own risk.
  • This trail network is only open to the public in daylight hours.
  • Recreational trail use of the City of Mitcham Reserves is a privilege, not a right and trail users must respect the local residents, fellow trail users and the trail network facilities.
  • Obey all signs. Follow the recommendations and guidelines of all trail network signage regarding trail use and direction of use.
  • Bikes must give way to walkers on shared use trails.
  • Take caution as management vehicles will use access tracks to conduct various tasks.
  • Trail users must adhere to the "Code of Practice".
  • Cyclists are responsible for the condition and quality of their bicycles. Only well maintained, off road bicycles are to be used on designated mountain bike trails.
  • Modifying existing trail or building new trails without authorisation is not permitted.