Resilient South - Climate Ready Southern Adelaide

Resilient South, an initiative of the Cities of Mitcham, Onkaparinga, Holdfast Bay and Marion, is about strengthening southern Adelaide region so that our communities, businesses and environments can bounce back from the challenges of climate change. To find out more about our regional initiatives refer to our Resilient South website.

Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership

The City of Mitcham has taken the pledge to tackle climate change as part of the Cities Power Partnership. We’re proud to join the hundreds of Councils, towns and cities across Australia that are cutting greenhouse gas pollution, switching to clean energy and building resilient communities. To find out  more click here.

Water Sensitive SA

Water Sensitive SA is a capacity building program that provides government, industry and the community with the support they need to deliver greener, more liveable communities sustained by water sensitive urban design. City of Mitcham is a proud program partner of the program.

Energy Partners Program

City of Mitcham is a participating in the South Australian government’s Energy Partners Program assisting households to save energy. The Energy Partners Program (EPP) works with around 100 organisations across the state to help South Australians manage their energy use and costs. Assistance from the EPP is tailored to the needs of each partner organisation, helping partners to help their clients. EPP support for City of Mitcham includes:

  • providing energy expertise and advice – assistance with developing energy-related resources and projects for clients, regular energy updates, a quarterly EPP newsletter (see below)
  • directions to other services to help households with energy costs
  • supplying resources and publications and articles for partner newsletters
  • offering energy training and education
  • connecting partner organisations to existing programs, funding streams and other organisations with common goals.


In 2020 Mitcham partnered with a number of other South Australian Councils to champion the development of Snapshot, community emission profiles across all South Australian local government authorities. Community groups, residents and businesses can now monitor the City of Mitcham community emission profile to hopefully witness reductions in greenhouse gas emissions urgently required to address the climate change crisis over time.

Climate Change Governance Risk Assessment

A governance assessment was completed in 2020 in partnership with Resilient South and Alexandrina, Victor Harbor and Kangaroo Island Councils. The project assessed how well Council incorporated climate change governance into corporate processes and frameworks and benchmarked Councils nationally and was used to inform the development of a three-year Climate Adaptation Pathways document.

SA LGA: Council Ready Emergency Management Project

This initiative was implemented in partnership with 68 Councils and SA LGA to review current performance and establish a policy and an incident management framework by mid-2020.

Red Cross: Council Ready Champions

In partnership with Red Cross and Resilient South Councils, City of Mitcham supported 62 community leaders across the southern region to work in the community to prepare for climate change. We have also partnered in 2020/21 to deliver more training that will inspire more community-led action on climate change.

SA Water: Cooling the Community

The City of Mitcham has partnered with SA Water to create an interactive map to help residents discover the best locations across the city and other Council areas to keep cool. It provides live temperature readings at each location. These locations and reserves are efficiently watered regularly by Council to reduce temperatures and ensure that the recreational space is green, healthy and fit for purpose. To find out more click here.

Urban Heat Mapping Viewer

The Urban Heat Mapping Viewer is the result of three separate mapping projects, commissioned by the four metropolitan Local Government climate change adaption groups of Adapt West, Resilient East, Adapting Northern Adelaide and Resilient South in collaboration with the State Government. It allows viewers to explore high-resolution surface temperature data, tree canopy information and vegetation greenness over Adelaide.

Heat mapping allows Councils to identify hot-spots and better understand vegetation so they can make decisions relating to tree plantings, urban planning and the health and well-being of our community, particularly vulnerable areas. You can discover how hot your local area is by visiting our heating mapping tool below.